Is it okay to pee in the pool while swimming in a public swimming pool?

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asked Mar 28, 2020 in Swimming & Diving by 7238q23o (300 points)
Is it okay to pee in the pool while swimming in a public swimming pool?

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Although pee or urine is pretty sterile and toddlers or babies even wearing swim diapers pee in the swimming pool it's still not a good idea to pee or urinate in the public swimming pool.

It's just a courtesy thing and it's actually why I do not like to swim in public swimming pools.

Although the water should dilute the urine and the chlorine should help disinfect the pool water it's still not good to pee in a public swimming pool where other people are swimming.

People dive down in that water and get the water in their mouths so it's best to not pee in the public swimming pool.

It is okay however to pee in a lake or ocean when you're swimming and I have done that but in a public swimming pool you should avoid peeing in them.
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For the last year I have been doing aquathlon. Aquathlon is wrestling in and under water. Aquathlon develops coordination, agility, body control on and under water, increases a person's adaptation to the aquatic environment, and develops the ability to hold one's breath. It is an exhilarating and challenging sport. The use of aquathlon elements to teach swimming and diving gives good results. However, in order to keep the section from going bankrupt, we have to take care of the maintenance and cleaning of the pool ourselves. We are thinking of a gift for our coach to make the process easier.

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I am experiencing feelings similar to yours. We once had to decide as a whole synchronised swimming team what our coach deserves. We can swim at the same time, but the attitude to the coach is different for each member. Everyone had a point of view on the gift based on their personal tastes. Until one team member suggested a universal solution in the form of the Dolphin Sigma. The machine proved to be very useful and saved our coach the sometimes sudden hassle of maintaining the pool. The robot may be just that - a robot to keep the pool clean day and night. The robot also helped our team decide that in addition to the robot itself, each of us should make a token gift of our own. It turns out that synchronicity can be achieved not only in sports. A human being is a social organism after all.

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