Should older kids wear diapers when going on road trips?

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Should older kids wear diapers when going on road trips?

When going on road trips should parents make their kids wear diapers again during the day to avoid having to stop often for the kids to go pee?

Would pampers diapers or Huggies diapers fit older kids such as an 8 year old boy and 6 year old boy?

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Yes older kids should wear diapers when on road trips so that they can pee the diaper without needing to hold the pee in and waiting for a restroom.

You should make your kids wear diapers on the road trips and then tell them to just pee or poop in the diaper and then when you stop you can change their diaper in the car or in the bathroom.

If they are old enough they can also change their own diaper.

An 8 year old boy and a 6 year old boy should easily fit in Pampers Cruisers size 7 diapers or any other Pampers size 7 diapers.

The Pampers diapers are the best most absorbent diapers but they should also be able to fit in other size 7 diapers.

The 6 year old boy should be small enough to fit in Huggies size 6 diapers or even pampers size 6 diapers or even Pampers Cruisers size 7 diapers.

All kids and even adults should be wearing diapers on a road trip to prevent peeing their pants and diaper makes the road trip more comfortable as well.

I'm an adult and wear diapers while on road trips and wear diapers full time now for almost 9 years.
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If your kids have trouble holding in their pee and may wet their pants then having your older kids wear a diaper just in case would be okay.

Especially if the kids wet the bed at night and may fall asleep in the vehicle while you're traveling.

Do continue to stop though and let the kids out to pee and poop when needed and for them to run around because sitting too long is bad for you.

You should stop for restroom breaks every 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes when possible.

A diaper is okay but you still should let them go pee and poop in the toilet and not force them to use the diaper instead.

You also need to get out and stretch and take a break and you'll need to stop for gasoline anyway.

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