Is it normal to be afraid of death?

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Is it normal to be afraid of death?

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Yes being afraid of death is normal.

I'm sure most people do actually fear a little about death even though they don't admit it.

I'm not afraid of the actual death itself but what does scare me is the way that I will die eventually.

I worry that I will die suffering in pain and I hope that when I'm dying that it happens quick and in my sleep and not a drawn out slow death.

Or I also fear of getting dementia severely and then going through that bad process because my Grandma who died at 99 years old had dementia severely for 10 of those years.

It was a bad thing for her and even for me and my family as I hated watching her suffer like that and I actually found it best to just not even visit her anymore during the last few years of her life because when we did visit her she go really out of control because she thought we were there to harm her.

Other than that I know that we all are gonna die but I hope that it's a peaceful death and not a painful death.

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