Who makes more money dental hygienist or registered nurse?

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Who makes more money dental hygienist or registered nurse?

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Registered Nurses typically earn a bit more money per year than dental hygienists do.

The average Registered Nurse earns around $77,000.00 per year while a Dental Hygienists earns around $75,000.00 per year.

So while a Registered Nurse earns a bit more than a Dental Hygienist it's not that much more when it comes to choosing a career.

Having a Bachelor's degree does help when it comes to jobs including being a dental hygienist.

However just because you have a bachelor's degree it doesn't mean that you will get paid any more money than a dental hygienist who doesn't have a bachelor's degree.

Most dental hygienists get paid the same income no matter what but it's still good to have a bachelor's degree as you'll likely get hired faster and it will help you land other jobs and careers as well.

You can get your dental hygienist degree through regular college or even online college courses.

You can get your dental hygienist degree online.

There are online programs where you can study and take tests on becoming a dental hygienist to get your degree online.

Just like other college courses you don't have to always be at a college just to study on things you want to work on becoming.

Many colleges are also offering study online courses where you do the studying online and then take the test.

It's usually cheaper to study for courses such as being a dental hygienist online than it would be to attend a regular college.

Also you do not have to commute to college.

However even when you do complete your study for a dental hygienist degree online you still need to go to a college to take some hands on courses to be shown on what to actually do.

Then you become a dental hygienist and can get hired easily.

But you'll need some hands on experience however most of the education for the dental hygienist course can be done online.

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