Does Airborne actually help?

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Does Airborne actually help?

Does taking Airborne cold medicine help with getting rid of a cold virus?

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Airborne cold medicine does help get rid of a cold and if you take the Airborne before a cold virus then the cold virus may not even have time to infect you.

If you do have a cold already though the Airborne does help ease the cold virus and makes you feel better within a day or so.

But Airborne does not cure cold viruses but taking Airborne does help and taking Airborne before the cold virus even comes around can help boost your bodies natural immune system.

When your immune system is boosted the immune system is able to fight off the cold virus much faster and you may not even get colds when you have a very healthy immune system.

You should also eat healthy, get plenty of exercise, drink plenty of water and Orange Juice and other Juices that contain Vitamin C.

Eating foods such as Oranges are also good for boosting your immune system and staying healthy.

I take Airborne when I feel a cold coming on and the cold usually goes away within a few days instead of 7 to 10 days it normally takes.

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