Will bourbon help a cough?

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Will bourbon help a cough?

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Yes bourbon does help a cough.

Whenever you have a cough you can mix some lemon juice with some hot bourbon and drink the bourbon and lemon juice and it will help stop coughing.

Drinking a hot toddy made with some whiskey can also help a cough and is good when you're suffering from a cold virus or even the flu.

But the bourbon and lemon juice is wonderful for getting a cough to go away.

I keep some bourbon and lemon juice available and when I have a cough I mix the two together and drink it.

I've drank some hot toddies as well and even taken some honey from a spoon.

Honey is also a natural cough syrup that also lubricates your throat and is good for a sore throat.

If you can't stop coughing use a humidifier or Vaporizer or take a steamy hot shower or just sit in the bathroom with the shower running hot enough to where it can steam up the bathroom.

The moisture will help you breathe.

Or boil a pot of water on the stove and let the moisture go into the air.

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