Is hot brandy good for a cold?

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Is hot brandy good for a cold?

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Hot brandy or even just brandy in general is good for a cold virus as well as a flu virus.

Brandy is very good for cold because it contains natural antibiotic components and the alcohol kills bacteria and helps ease sore throats and helps ease the cold symptoms.

Just don't drink too much brandy or other alcohol as it can cause liver damage and kidney issues but alcohol in moderation is okay and healthy for your kidneys.

Also for most people drinking a hot toddy does really help a cold virus and helps you recover from a cold much sooner.

There's no real cure for a cold virus though so the hot toddy or any other medicine cannot cure the cold virus.

But drinking a hot toddy can help kill bacteria and viruses which can help you feel much better.

Every time I have a cold virus and even the flu virus I love to drink a hot toddy and it helps my cold and flu virus and helps ease the symptoms.

A hot toddy is made using a mixture of whiskey, honey, fresh lemon juice and hot water.

Mix the mixture together and you have a hot toddy that helps with the cold virus.

Even just drinking a bit of whiskey can help kill bacteria and help ease a cold as well.

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