Can tapeworms enter through your feet?

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Can tapeworms enter through your feet?

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Yes it's possible for tapeworms as well as other worms and many other parasites to enter your body and skin through your feet.

Some people who walk barefoot on beaches and even outside their own home may pick up tapeworms as well as other worms and parasites from the contaminated soil.

Then the tapeworms or other worms or parasites can get onto your skin and then make their way through your skin and enter your body through your feet.

Tapeworms as well as many other worms and parasites can also come out of your feet.

My brother when he was 8 years old got infected with some tapeworms and they actually came out of his feet one day when he was sitting on the couch.

I was 12 years old at the time and it freaked me out and I yelled for mom.

She took my brother to the doctor and they surgically removed the tapeworms.

My brother thought it was cool that worms were coming out of his feet at the time but I thought it was gross.

He likely picked up the tapeworms when he was outside playing barefoot.

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