How is Trichuris Trichiura transmitted?

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How is Trichuris Trichiura transmitted?

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The way that Trichuris Trichiura is transmitted to humans is through the ingestion of ineffective eggs by mouth contact with hands or food contaminated with egg carrying soil.

The most common way of getting infected with the condition Trichuris Trichiura is through ingestion of the eggs through food.

However there have also been reports of some people getting infected with Trichuris Trichiura through sexual intercourse.

So you can get Trichuris Trichiura through both ingesting it through food that is infected with it as well as get it through sexual intercourse.

Some symptoms of Trichuris Trichiura which is also known as Whipworm are diarrhea, Tiredness and Abdominal Pain.

If you think you do have Trichuris Trichiura or Whipworm see a doctor to get tested and also get treatment.

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