Can worms eat your insides?

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Can worms eat your insides?

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When worms get inside of you the worms don't usually eat your insides but instead the worms eat the food that you eat so you're starved of nutrients and worms can make you sick and in rare cases could kill you if not treated.

So while most cases of having worms inside your body are not serious enough to cause death it is still possible to die from worms being inside of you.

So I would recommend seeing a doctor if you have worms inside of you to get treated.

People can get infected through contaminated soil, kissing a dog, kissing a cat, eating food or drinking food that may have the worms eggs in it etc.

When a person gets worms inside them the worms can live up to 6 weeks inside of you.

So whether or not you get treatment to kill the worms the worms you're infected with will eventually die inside of you and you'll usually recover without any health issues.

But if you do get worms it's best to see a doctor and get some worm medicine for humans so that you can get the worms killed off sooner than 6 weeks.

The longer you allow the worms to live inside of your body the longer you'll feel ill.

Some worms can even come out of your skin such as worms coming out of your feet which happened to my brother when he was 8 years old.

That was a crazy sight to see for me at the time.

I would recommend taking some worm medicine from the doctor after seeing the doctor about it.

I would not want worms to live inside of me for 6 weeks or even a few weeks.

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