Can humans get whipworms from cats?

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Can humans get whipworms from cats?

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Whipworms in cats and whipworms in humans are different species and types of whipworms.

So while it's possible that the cat transmits the cat version whipworm to you they will not last long inside of you.

Still be very careful around your pets if you do know they have worms including the whipworms.

But since the whipworms in cats are different they should pose no health issue with humans.

But always be cautious because the cat or dog could be infected with other types of worms that may enter your body and feed off your food in your stomach.

Some types of worms can also enter your body through your skin and come out through your feet as well as other parts of your body.

So avoid kissing your cat or dog especially if they are indeed infected with any types of worms.

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