Does honey cause diabetes?

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Does honey cause diabetes?

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Honey does not cause diabetes but it can cause your blood sugar to spike if you do have diabetes already.

Foods including honey do not cause diabetes but if you do have diabetes then eating foods such as honey or any other foods high in sugar content can cause a spike in your blood sugar and make your diabetes worse.

So watch your intake of sugar and honey when you do have diabetes.

But you will not get diabetes simply from eating honey or any other foods high in sugar.

Although diabetes is not caused by foods you eat you can get diabetes other ways such as being inactive and overeating foods that cause you to gain weight.

If you don't get enough exercise and eat healthy then you may increase your chance of getting diabetes.

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs because the body is unable to use blood sugar (glucose) properly.

The exact cause of diabetes is not known but if someone in your family has or had diabetes especially your mother or father then you have a higher chance of getting diabetes.

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