What is the safest seats on a plane?

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What is the safest seats on a plane?

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According to statistics during plane crashes the safest seats on an airplane are the seats that are the middle seats near the back of the plane.

You have a much higher chance of survival when sitting in the middle seats especially towards the back of the plane or at least on an aisle seat.

However I personally do not worry about it as you have a good chance of dying in a car accident or other illness just like you have the same good chance of dying on an airplane.

I just live my life and do not worry about when and how I'm gonna die because we all are gonna die eventually.

But if you want to be safest on an airplane it's best to sit towards the back of the plane in the middle seats.

But airplane crashes are very rare although they do happen.

I've flown on airlines for at least 300 times without every crashing.

But I have been in 4 different car crashes.

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