Have you ever worn diapers to school?

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asked Mar 23 in Incontinence by jataspatfan (320 points)
Have you ever worn diapers to school?

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answered Mar 24 by Pamperslover (11,660 points)
Yes I have worn diapers to school when I was in grade school and it felt great.

I was scared at first and it was a thrill having a diaper on under my pants.

At the time I was wearing those Pampers Plastic Backed thick diapers that crinkled and I could hear the crinkle and was paranoid that others would hear it as well.

But after a few months of wearing Pampers Diapers to school nobody ever said anything or noticed and I continued to wear those Pampers Diapers to school.

I could just go pee in the diaper in school when in class as well and nobody noticed and I would change the diaper when at home.

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