Why is protective underwear marketed as regular underwear?

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asked Mar 23, 2020 in Incontinence by jataspatfan (320 points)
Why is protective underwear marketed as regular underwear?

Why is it that adult diapers and adult pull ups are marketed as regular underwear or adult briefs when adult diapers are diapers and not underwear.

Well they are underwear but the tape on adult diapers are diapers just like babies wear but in larger sizes.

And the adult pull ups are just pull up diapers and not underwear and they certainly do not look like regular underwear.

Why don't they just call them adult diapers or adult pull ups instead of marketing them as underwear?

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answered Mar 23, 2020 by Gracy (86,030 points)
The reason that adult diapers and protective underwear are marketed as being regular underwear or just adult briefs is because of the stigma and embarrassment that comes along with needing to wear adult diapers and adult pull ups.

For example in places such as nursing homes they do not refer to the adult diapers as adult diapers but instead they usually just call them absorbent briefs or adult protective briefs

Some places online do advertise the adult diapers as adult diapers.

If you look up adult diapers online you can still find the adult diapers under that name.

But on television the advertisements market them as adult absorbent underwear or just protective underwear.

It's just because diapers is usually referred to what babies and toddlers wear and most adults hate the idea that they have to wear diapers like a baby or toddler would wear.

So they call them other things other than diapers even though that is what they are.
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answered Mar 24, 2020 by Pamperslover (19,260 points)
Yes they market the adult diapers as underwear because some adults do not like them to be called diapers because they feel like a baby and feel degraded.

However I'm an adult who loves diapers and wear them full time now.

I have been in diapers full time again for around 8 years and will stay in diapers for the rest of my life.

I call the adult diapers diapers because that is what they are and the pull ups do not hold much urine because they are meant for slight leakage.

Just like toddler pull ups are only meant to hold a little urine because the toddler is expected to pull down the pull ups and go to the toilet to pee.

The pull ups are only meant to catch a little bit of urine.

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