Can adults get Threadworm?

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Can adults get Threadworm?

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Threadworms are most common in children and teens however adults can also get Threadworm.

Threadworms can lay eggs on your anus and vagina without you even realizing it and you can get infected with Threadworm by sitting on public toilet seats as well.

Make sure that you wipe your anus down really good using some soap and water when you get home or use some baby wipes to clean your bottom with.

Place toilet paper or toilet seat covers on toilet seats in public.

Make sure to also wash your hands after using the toilet as well.

Threadworms do not lay eggs inside your body but instead the Threadworms lay eggs on surfaces and your skin on the outside.

Then when you touch those surfaces or part of your skin with your hand and then put your hand on food or in your mouth then you ingest those Threadworm eggs.

Then the Threadworm eggs hatch inside of you but after about 6 weeks the Threadworms do die inside of you.

However it is best to get medicine to kill the Threadworms and prevent further infection.

Threadworms do eventually go away on their own even without medical treatment.

The Threadworms will eventually die inside of you within about 6 weeks as long as you do not swallow any new Threadworm eggs.

I would highly recommend seeing a doctor to get some medicine to kill the Threadworms much sooner so that you don't have to feel bad and deal with the Threadworms for too long.

I would rather take some medicine to kill the Threadworms instead of waiting it out and being sick.

But eventually after 6 weeks the threadworms should be fully gone as long as you do not ingest any more Threadworm eggs.

I would highly recommend seeing a doctor if you are infected with threadworms.

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