Does drinking alcohol kill parasites?

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Does drinking alcohol kill parasites?

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Drinking alcohol has been shown to kill some parasites that may be living inside a human.

Most human parasites do not do well when they come up against alcohol and will die off as a result of coming into contact with alcohol.

When my Grandpa would get parasites inside him he would drink some alcohol and sometimes some whiskey and the parasites were naturally killed by the whiskey as well as other alcohol.

Alcohol has been used as a natural home remedy for killing parasites for years before all the medical advancements.

Today we now have more medicine that kills off parasites but drinking some beer, whiskey or even other alcohol in moderation can help prevent parasites as well as kill off any parasites that may be inside of you.

It's still a good idea to get some worm medicine for humans though to more easily kill off the parasites but alcohol does work to get rid of and kill parasites.

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