How long does it take an amputee to walk again?

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How long does it take an amputee to walk again?

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After amputation of a leg or legs the amputee is sometimes loaned a temporary prosthetic leg or legs so that they can begin walking.

However if you do not get a prosthetic leg to begin walking it can take 4 to 6 months before you get your actual own prosthetic leg or prosthetic legs.

Then it can take a month or two to begin walking again.

You'll usually go into physical therapy and learn to walk again on your prosthetic leg.

So you'll need to give it time and after awhile it can be like you never lost your legs.

I know a guy that had one of his legs amputated and he wears and uses a prosthetic leg and he said after 2 years of using the prosthetic leg he began to get used to it and says it's like he has his original leg.

But some people may not fully ever get used to it.

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