Is Everest hard to climb?

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Is Everest hard to climb?

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Yes Mount Everest is very difficult for most people to climb because the Mount Everest has a very high altitude which results in lack of oxygen which is one reason why it is so hard to climb Mount Everest.

You need oxygen to survive and so that you have enough energy to climb Mount Everest or any other mountain.

Also it's a very difficult climb that can be deadly to people who are not well trained in climbing and even a well trained climber who was trying to recover a body on Mount Everest fell to his death.

There have been several people who have been injured or died as a result of climbing Mount Everest.

The chance of a person dying on Mount Everest is around 5 percent which is a pretty small chance.

People who die on Mount Everest die because of lack of oxygen, falls, freezing to death, storms and avalanches and then some people die on Mount Everest as a result of other health issues.

Mount Everest is a very pretty sight but it's also a deadly climbing spot as well and you really need to be a very good experienced climber to hopefully make it up and down mount Everest without getting injured or dying.

As of the year 2020 there are about 200 to 300 bodies that are on Mount Everest.

When people are killed and die while climbing Mount Everest it can be very difficult and sometimes impossible to recover the bodies that do die while climbing Mount Everest.

There was a rescuer who did die while trying to recover a dead body on Mount Everest so it's not worth the risk to other life to recover a dead body.

If someone is just injured then it's worth it to try to save the person but for someone who is dead it's not worth someone else possibly dying trying to recover the body.

If I were to die on Mount Everest I would prefer my body stay there instead of being buried in a cemetery.

There's no way to know for sure on how many actual bodies are on Mount Everest but it's estimated to be between 200 to 300 dead bodies that are spread across the mountain on various routes.

Some of the dead bodies on Everest are buried in deep crevasses while others now rest in different places from where they died, due to moving glaciers, and a few have been intentionally moved.

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