Can you rent out rooms in a single family home?

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asked Mar 18 in Real Estate - Renting by naBizzaro (280 points)
Can you rent out rooms in a single family home?

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answered Mar 19 by Cathy21 (19,400 points)
As long as you own the single family home and you have the room available you can rent out the room or rooms in your single family home.

Just make sure you screen those people to make sure they have a good background if they are gonna be living with you in your home.

Renting out rooms in your single family home can help you cover expenses but I personally would not want to share my home with strangers.

Even if I did a good background check on them and they came back as being good people it still wouldn't be good for me.

But you can do so if you want too and it's like having roommates.

If you own a home and also want to rent out those rooms to people you can do so but it's best to get a good paying tenant to just rent the whole house out.

Also if you're living in an area that has a HOA "Home Owners Association" they might prohibit the renting of rooms in your home so check to make sure of the laws.

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