How often should I wash my face?

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How often should I wash my face?

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To keep your face clean and healthy you should wash your face at least once per day or even twice per day if your face gets sweaty or you work in a dirty environment.

I wash my face twice per day with soap and water and use a facial cleanser as well.

In the morning I wash my face with soap and water and at night I use the facial cleanser to wash my face that also helps clean out any clogged pores.

Even just rinsing your face off with some warm water is better than not washing your face at all.

Your face might seem clean for a few days or so but when you do go to wash your face you'll be surprised at the grime and dirt that usually comes off your face.

Washing your face in the morning also helps wake you up so you'll be ready to start the day.

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