What are the best small campers?

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What are the best small campers?

What are some good small campers or small travel trailers that are under 5,000 lbs?

I have a 1/2 ton truck that I'm looking for a small camper or small travel trailer to pull behind and all I need is a small camper for just myself to go camping.

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Some good small travel trailers or small campers are the Casita Travel Trailer, Everlite Travel Trailers, Scamp Travel Trailers, Icamp Elite, Hiker Travel Trailer, TAXA Outdoors Cricket Camper and Forest River R Pod.

If you have a 1/2 ton pickup truck those trailers would be perfect but you should be able to pull any travel trailer over 1 ton but less than 2 tons with ease.

A 1/2 ton pickup truck is pretty good at pulling a pretty heavy load but you should make sure you also have brakes on the trailer.

If you just need a small travel trailer for yourself then getting a smaller one is best because it's easier to tow, saves wear and tear on the vehicle and also uses less gasoline or diesel fuel to tow the travel trailer.

Another good small camper or small travel trailer that is easy to tow and has plenty of room for one or two people is the Minnie Winnie travel trailer.

It's a nice travel trailer with a toilet and shower and is easy and lightweight to tow.

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