Are flights cheaper last minute?

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Are flights cheaper last minute?

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answered Mar 11 by Cathy21 (21,180 points)
Yes booking flights is often much cheaper when you book the flight last minute.

The airline is willing to give you a good deal on last minute flight tickets so that they fill empty seats and they do know that a lot of business travelers that fly need to and tend to book flights at the last minute.

So if you want the best deal on cheap airline tickets it's better to book the flight the last minute to get the cheapest flight tickets.

However sometimes you may need to book a flight beforehand and may need to pay a higher price for your airline ticket.

But sometimes you can even get good deals when booking the the flight and airline tickets before the flight.

You can get good deals on airline tickets through Google Flights or Even Kayak where they have good deals and help you book a cheap flight.
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answered Mar 20 by SquareF (200 points)
I always buy the ticket 10 hours before the flight. I always pay a lower price than any other passangers. Most of the airlines just lower the price considerably to fill the seats. Even many agencies try to find the best deal for their clients and buy the tickets in the last minutes.  It's a good way to save some money!
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answered Mar 20 by Pojiloy (220 points)

Last minutes flights offer great and affordable deals. Many airlines 24 hours before the flight lower the prices of the tickets in order to attract more people. I remember when I flew to Africa from New York with $399. I couldn’t believe when the guys from called me and said that the flight tickets drop considerably in the last 12 hours. I immediately took the advantage of the offer and booked the tickets. Isn’t that a great deal? I didn’t know about such offers before my flight to Safari. Now, every time when I fly somewhere I buy the ticket in the last minute.

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