Is the Coronavirus deadly to everyone who gets it?

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Is the Coronavirus deadly to everyone who gets it?

Does everyone who gets the Coronavirus die from it or can you recover from the Coronavirus?

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answered Mar 5, 2020 by layla (39,010 points)
Although the Coronavirus has killed some people the Cornavirus is not deadly to everyone who gets it.

The people that die from the Coronavirus usually are the elderly, young kids, people with weakened immune systems etc.

Still even though you're very healthy otherwise and not elderly or have a weakened immune system it is still possible to die from the Coronavirus.

But there's not too much to worry about especially in the USA because there aren't many cases of the Coronavirus in the USA as of now.

A few people in the USA have died of the Coronavirus but not as many people who die yearly from the flu.

The flu has killed more people in the USA and around the world in a year than the Coronavirus has killed.

Make sure you wash your hands often, avoid being around sick people and get plenty of rest and Vitamin C to help boost your immune system.

Then you should be able to avoid getting the Coronavirus.

Also do not travel to China or other countries unless absolutely necessary and avoid Cruise ships right now until the Coronavirus hopefully goes away at least for the year.
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Not everybody who gets the Coronavirus virus will die from it.

When most people die from Coronavirus they are actually ill with other illness such as cancer, breathing issues, heart disease etc.

Older people are at much higher risk of dying from the Coronavirus than younger people.

However anyone of any age can die of Coronavirus.

There have been a few newborn babies that got the Coronavirus and died so it's not just older people dying of the Coronavirus.

Mos people who do get the Coronavirus fully recover from it but some people do die.

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