How do I select bike frame and size?

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When selecting a bike frame and the size of the bike frame for your bicycle you need to decide on the quality of the bicycle you want and your size.

The larger you are the larger the bicycle frame should be and the more sturdy the bicycle frame should be as well especially if you weigh more than some people.

Picking a quality bicycle frame is a good idea especially if you're building a bicycle from the ground up.

If you're going cycling cross country then you want a good racing bicycle that can last.

If it's a kids bicycle then you want a smaller bicycle frame.

If you're just buying a bicycle to ride around then going to places such as Walmart or ebay or bicycle shops and getting a bicycle already including the wheels, tires etc would be a good idea.
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answered Mar 11, 2020 by MeghanRobbins (160 points)

The ease of riding and durability of the bike depends on the design and strength of its frame. Frames are current made in steel , aluminum, titanium or carbon fiber. In most cases the price will scale up along that same order as well.

There should be some gap when you stand over the top tube of the frame. It will allow you to easily maneuver and have a safe ride. If you there is too much gap when standing over the bike is too small for you and you would be cramped in other areas like the reach towards the handlebars, seat height, etc.

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