How many minutes are in a year?

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How many minutes are in a year?

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There are 525,600 minutes in every year.

There are 60 minutes in every hour and there are 24 of those 60 minutes in each day.

In a year there are 365 days so that would mean there would be 1,440 minutes in each 24 hour period.

So if there are 1,440 minutes in each 24 hour period then there would be 525.600 minutes in every year.

That's quite a lot of minutes but when you're busy and having fun or just busy and not thinking about it or watching the clock or your watch then those minutes go by so fast that it seems like it's maybe only 6 months of time has passed.

A year really seems like a very long time but in reality the year goes by faster than most people think and the older you get the faster the days and years and minutes seem to go by.

Although the time still goes by the same amount each year and each day.

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