Is ibuprofen stronger than paracetamol?

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Is ibuprofen stronger than paracetamol?

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The Paracetamol is stronger than Ibuprofen for most people however Paracetamol only works on smaller areas and does not help with inflammation.

Paracetamol also inhibits the production of specific prostaglandins which means that for a lot of people the Ibuprofen would be the much better pain reliever and a much better choice than Paracetamol is.

Aspirin is considered to be much safer than Ibuprofen but both aspirin and Ibuprofen are pretty safe pain relievers.

Sometimes you need to take more Aspirin than you do Ibuprofen to get the same results.

If you have heart disease, have had strokes, heart attacks etc then taking Aspirin would likely be the best option for you.

Ibuprofen can affect your heart rate and some people including myself have experienced heart fluttering and can feel our heart rate going up.

My heart rate does seem to go up and I feel a fluttering feeling when I do take Ibuprofen but it goes away soon after.

Doctors have known about the Ibuprofen affecting heart rates for years and sometimes when you take too many Ibuprofen medicine it can potentially cause heart disease, stroke and heart attacks.

When taken in moderation for pain the Ibuprofen is pretty safe.

If you do notice an increase in heart rate or heart flutters it would be a good idea to tell your doctor just to be safe.

800 mg of ibuprofen at once is safe to take.

So you can safely take 800 mg of Ibuprofen at one time but then you'll need to wait a bit longer to take another dose of 800 mg of Ibuprofen.

For adults or those 12 year of age or older it's safe to take up to 3,200 mg of Ibuprofen per day and as long as you do not exceed that dosage you will be fine.

Once you take Ibuprofen it can take 30 minutes for the Ibuprofen to kick in once it's had time to go through your system.

Sometimes Ibuprofen works as soon as 20 minutes after taking it but sometimes it takes as long as 30 minutes for the effects of Ibuprofen to be felt.

The pain or other ailment should start going away within 40 to 60 minutes of taking Ibuprofen.

Aleve usually works much better than Ibuprofen so with Ibuprofen you may need to take it every 4 to 6 hours to keep the pain away.

After taking Ibuprofen for any pain I have the pain usually starts going away within 60 minute of taking it and the effects from Ibuprofen usually last for me for a couple hours or so before I need to take another Ibuprofen later.

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