What size of dirt bikes will be preferable?

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asked Feb 26, 2020 in Auto Racing by Matthew (350 points)

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answered Feb 26, 2020 by Larry S (42,350 points)
The size of dirt bike that would be preferable depends on the person who is riding the dirt bike.

If it's a kids dirt bike then you need a kids sized dirt bike for them and also the helmet and other safety gear to protect the kid during the dirt bike ride.

Now if it's an adult dirt bike and you've never rode a dirt bike before it's probably best to start off with a smaller less powerful dirt bike and then as you gain experience on the dirt bike go up to a higher CC and bigger dirt bike.

For a kid the size of dirt bike you would want to buy for your kid would be a dirt bike that will have a seat height that will range anywhere from 18" to 34" with engine displacement varying from 50cc to 150cc.

For adults any other size dirt bike that is larger than the above listed dirt bikes would be good for you as an adult.
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answered Feb 27, 2020 by Vicky (360 points)

Dirt bikes are smaller in size and are suitable for those who love outdoor sports. They are racing bikes which help to unleash the passion of the youth by participating in the races. The droning noise of these bikes and zooming in on the roads with these bikes are really exciting for all of them. These bikes are passion for the youth and adults who are interested in bike racing. They are most appropriate for riding on mountain terrains, steep valleys and terrains. While buying the dirt bike in motorcycles for sale, check it has all the security provisions. Take care of all the precautions before you ride the bike. While riding you should wear the Elbow caps, knee caps, kidney belts and helmet for your safety.

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