How tall is the professional basketball hoop?

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asked Feb 25, 2020 in Basketball by Lklanostparl (410 points)
How tall is the professional basketball hoop?

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answered Feb 25, 2020 by Judy (56,120 points)
The height of a professional basketball hoop is 10 feet.

So if you want to practice playing professional basketball you should set your basketball hoop as high as 10 feet which is where they are set at for professional basketball players.

If you get good enough at playing basketball you might even be able to earn a lot of money playing basketball as a professional basketball player.

But if you're just playing basketball at home then you can set the basketball hoop as high or as low as you want too.

The basketball hoop ring is also 18 inches in diameter.
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answered Feb 28, 2023 by pawpaw (2,800 points)

yes, the hoop is really located very high, which adds a certain intrigue to the game. And because of this height, all basketball players are basically very tall. By the way, I recently read an article about the top tallest female basketball players and was surprised by the numbers. If you are interested too, you can read here -

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