Why do men have Adam's apples?

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Why do men have Adam's apples?

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Men have Adam's Apples as a result of the growth of the Larynx that happens through puberty.

A males Larynx grows more than a females Larynx grows so that's why men have Adam's Apples and most females do not have Adam's Apples.

But even some females can get Adam's Apples but it's rare that it happens.

What happens is the larynx grows larger during puberty and when that happens it sticks out at the front of the throat and that is called the Adam's Apple.

An Adam's Apple in males and females can be removed through surgery and you'll do just fine without the Adam's Apple.

The Adam's Apple is just a useless lump of cartilage that sticks out from the throat and although it's most common in males some females may also develop an Adam's Apple during puberty.

Anyone who hasn't gone through puberty yet does not have an Adam's Apple and you only grow and develop the Adam's Apple during puberty and they are not present in prepubescent children.

The surgery to remove an Adam's Apple can be costly though and health insurance will not cover the cost of Adam's Apple Surgery removal because removing an Adam's Apple from your throat is just a cosmetic surgery procedure.

When I asked around at surgery centers about the cost of Adam's Apple Removal I was quoted between $3,000.00 to as much as $6,000.00

To me it was not worth the cost as it really does not bother me to have the Adam's Apple.

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