Will a car battery recharge itself?

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Will a car battery recharge itself?

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No a car battery will not recharge on it's own without either being jumped and the engine running or by putting a battery charger on the car battery to charge it.

I would recommend investing in a good cheap car battery charger and keep it in your garage or even in your trunk in case you get somewhere and there is access to electricity.

I keep a battery charger in my cars trunk as well as one of those little generators that come in handing to power the battery charger in the event I need it or someone else needs it.

Jumper cables are also good to have but you need another vehicle to help you jump your car so the jumper cables are useless if you cannot get someone to jump start your vehicle.

Even a portable Halo jump starter would be good to be able to jump start your cars battery.

However if the battery is truly really completely dead then you may not be able to get the car started.

If your battery is losing charge and not charging up then you need a new car battery.

Car batteries typically have a lifespan of around 5 years so if your car battery is 5 years old or older then it would be best to replace it so it doesn't leave you stranded.

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