What time of day do most crashes occur?

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What time of day do most crashes occur?

What time of the day do most car crashes happen?

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Most car crashes occur around 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM which is during rush hour when a lot of people are leaving work to go home.

The more traffic the more chances a person has at getting into a car crash.

A lot of car crashes occur during the morning hours as well when people are on their way too work especially during the dark of the morning.

Crashes do occur a lot in the United states even during all hours of the day.

But according to statistics most car crashes happen during rush hour.

A lot more car crashes also happen on wet roads and icy or snow packed roads as well and even during foggy conditions.

When the road conditions are bad or the weather is bad then you need to slow down to hopefully avoid a crash.

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