What can you do to handle a child who bites?

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What can you do to handle a child who bites?

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When a child begins biting people you should tell the child firmly that they need to stop biting people and that it hurts the person they are biting.

Then if they still are biting you should spank them and tell them that if they continue to bite they are gonna get another spanking.

Sometimes just telling them no in a firm voice stops the biting but if not you need to resort to spanking which when done correctly helps to keep children in line and stops bad behavior.

You have to let the child know who is in charge and that they will get something unpleasant done to them when they do bad things such as biting.

Spanking is not abuse when done correctly.

I was spanked as a child and when I was spanked I immediately stopped the bad behavior because I hated the pain that my butt got.

I deserved it too and got spanked with a belt and I quickly learned to behave and eventually all my mom or dad had to do was get the belt out and then I would stop the bad behavior.

I once had a child of my own who would not stop biting and he bit me one day and would not stop it so I eventually as a last resort bit down on his arm and he quickly realized that it hurt.

I told him that I loved him and I did and do and that's why I did it.

I asked him if he liked being bitten and he said no.

Then he decided that it was bad to bite people so he stopped and he was 6 at the time.

He's now 18 and doing well and he still loves me and I love him.

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