Is Candy good for a sore throat?

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Is Candy good for a sore throat?

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Sucking on candy such as candy canes or other peppermint candy can help with a sore throat and even help with coughing.

The peppermint helps to soothe the sore throat and relieve coughing just like cough drops do.

However since candy is not actually medicine it doesn't do as good as a job as the cough drops do when you have a sore throat or cough.

I would recommend also sucking on some Halls Cough drops that contain menthol as they are really good at getting rid of sore throats and helping stop coughing as well.

Halls cough drops are a bit more expensive than other cheaper brands of cough drops but the Halls cough drops are the best in my opinion.

Also take some Vicks Dayquil during the day and some Vicks Night time medicine which helps your sore throat, coughing and also helps you sleep.

Drinking some hot tea with some honey in it also helps with sore throats or even taking a spoonful of honey helps lubricate the throat and helps soothe the sore throat.

Within a week or so the sore throat should be gone.

Eating some Ramen Noodles is good when you have a sore throat as it's very easy to get those noodles down and the hot broth from it is also good for sore throats.

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