Can you use a starter check for direct deposit?

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asked Feb 13 in Other-Finance by roachiadian (400 points)
Can you use a starter check for direct deposit?

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answered Feb 13 by Lilly21 (51,210 points)
I've used a starter check for direct deposit before with an employer and they were able to setup my direct deposit for my paycheck without any issues.

To be able to setup direct deposit the employer needs your checking account number and bank routing number and the direct deposit should go through just fine.

However some employers may require a direct deposit slip that you fill out.

Your bank should be able to give you a direct deposit form and slip that you can fill out and give to your employer to allow the direct deposits to go through to your bank account.

I've had a few employers not want starter checks for the direct deposit though so it can vary from employer to employer.

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