Is it better to resurface or replace rotors?

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asked Feb 13 in Repairs/Maintenance by roachiadian (400 points)
Is it better to resurface or replace rotors?

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answered Feb 13 by Essmann (41,740 points)
When your brake rotors are going bad or are bad it's usually much better and cheaper to just replace the rotors instead of getting the brake rotors resurfaced.

I can buy a new set of brake rotors for my truck for $65.00 for a set on ebay.

I asked a brake shop how much they would charge to resurface my brake rotors and they said $50.00 each which would be $100.00

I can and do buy the brand new brake rotors for both of them for less than $100.00

So it's much better to just replace the brake rotors with new ones.

Brake rotors are not all that expensive now and it's better to just get new brake rotors instead of resurfacing those old brake rotors.

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