What is the best non addictive sleeping pill?

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What is the best non addictive sleeping pill?

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If you're having trouble sleeping and need a non addictive sleeping pill you can go on ebay and look for sleeping pills and they have some good over the counter and cheap non addictive sleeping pills.

I can't remember the brand name but I bought a two pack bottles of sleeping pills that say compare to Unisom ingredients.

They were great but wore off eventually and so I had to use a sleeping pill which is Ambien to help me sleep.

Ambien CR, Lunesta, and Restoril though are some really good non addictive sleeping pills.

When taking sleeping pills try going a day or two without them at least through the week because you can get addicted to any sleeping pill really but some such as the above listed sleeping pills are less addictive.

Make sure to avoid caffeine before bed at least a few hours before bed and go to bed at the same time each night if possible

Doing that has helped me sleep better.

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