What color is mucus when you have the flu?

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What color is mucus when you have the flu?

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The color of mucus when you have the flu is usually yellow and then turns to clear when you are getting over the flu virus.

When I have the flu and am spitting up and coughing up mucus or phlegm the color of my mucus or phlegm when I have the flu is Yellow.

As your flu goes away the color of the mucus may change to a clear mucus.

It's also normal to sometimes have some blood in you mucus that you're coughing up as that is just a sign of the infection of the flu virus.

As long as you're not coughing up huge amounts of blood then there's nothing to worry about with just a little bit of blood in your mucus.

You might also have a bit of blood when you blow your nose as well which is also normal.

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