Is it better to wear glasses or contacts?

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Is it better to wear glasses or contacts?

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Both glasses and contact lenses are good and provide good sight and seeing when you need to be able to see better.

I started out wearing eyeglasses and then eventually after 5 years of wearing eyeglasses and breaking them often I decided to wear contact lenses.

At first it was hard for me to insert the contact lenses into my eyes and it took awhile to get used to it.

I had my eye doctor put the first set of contact lenses in my eyes and teach me how to insert the contact lenses and then I eventually got used to wearing and inserting the contact lenses.

Contact lenses are not for everyone though and some people are more suited for eyeglasses but if you wear eyeglasses now and want to try wearing contact lenses you can order the correct contact lenses through your eye doctor and give them a try.

Your eye doctor should be able to help you insert the first set and tell you how to insert them.

It seems harder than it really is and actually it's pretty easy to insert contact lenses once you get used to it.

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