Does contact lens make eyes bigger?

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asked Feb 12 in Other- Health by 9phisiwi (310 points)
Does contact lens make eyes bigger?

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answered Feb 12 by LindaHartzell (16,280 points)
Yes wearing contact lenses will make your eyes look bigger but they don't actually make your eyes bigger.

When you insert the contact lenses and look in the mirror your eyes will look a bit bigger.

It's just because the contact lenses are pushing out on your eye lids and making them look bigger than they really are.

When you remove the contact lenses the eyes size will return to normal afterwards.

My eyes look much bigger when I put contact lenses in so it can be noticed by some other people who don't know you wear contact lenses.

I prefer to wear contact lenses though instead of eyeglasses because I don't have to worry about breaking my eyeglasses or losing them.

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