Do tires wear faster on paved or unpaved surfaces?

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Do tires wear faster on paved or unpaved surfaces?

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Tires usually wear out much faster when driving down paved surfaces such as highways that are asphalt or driving on brick roads, concrete etc.

Usually driving on dirt roads the tires tread wears out less fast and more slowly and if you do more driving on dirt roads then your tires will likely rot out way before the tread wears out due to driving for miles.

Most tires on vehicles when driven on paved surfaces such as mostly highway driving or brick road driving, concrete road driving etc will last 50,000 miles.

Even when you haven't reached the 50,000 miles and the tires are 10 years old they really should be replaced because by then the steel can separate from the tire and cause a blowout eventually.

My tires usually wear out on the tread though before 10 years because I do a lot of driving.

People who drive less miles may need to replace tires before tread wears out.

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