Does fibromyalgia get worse at night?

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Does fibromyalgia get worse at night?

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Yes for most people who have fibromyalgia the pain with fibromyalgia gets worse at night and then when they wake up they have more severe pain with the fibromyalgia.

Then as they get through their day the pain with fibromyalgia tends to get better and then as they sleep again the pain once again gets worse when they have fibromyalgia.

My Grandma suffered from fibromyalgia and she always said it made it hard for her to sleep properly as she said the pain with the fibromyalgia she had got worse at night.

Although it got better during the day.

She took pain medicines to help with the fibromyalgia and used a heating pad when she could but at night her pain was just worse and there wasn't much a doctor could do about it.

So she basically had to cope with and live with the fibromyalgia pain.

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