Does coronavirus cause death?

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Does coronavirus cause death?

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Most cases of the coronavirus are not deadly although they can be for some people.

So yes the coronavirus causes death but not everyone who gets coronavirus will die.

The coronavirus is most commonly found in animals such as bats, camels and even dogs and cats.

However sometimes in rare cases when a person is around one of those animals the coronavirus can be spread to the human.

If left untreated the coronavirus can get worse and then lead to death.

There are some people who have died just lately of the coronavirus so yes it's possible for the coronavirus to cause death.
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There have been at least 48 cases of death from the Coronavirus this year in China and if you haven't been to China or don't plan to go to China then it's unlikely that you will be infected with the Cornavirus.

It's rare that the Coronavirus causes death but it can especially in those people such as young kids, older adults or anyone with a weakened immune system.

You may also develop other complications as well which then lead to death.
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Yes the Coronavirus can and does cause death even when treatment is given.

If you've been infected enough with the coronavirus then you could die even with treatment so it's best to follow what the China Government is saying about getting tested and if you do have it you need to be in the hospital and be quarantined because you can spread it to other people which is illegal.

If you spread the virus and do not follow the governments orders then you could face jail time or prison time.

The Coronavirus has killed thousands of people in China including the doctor that was letting people know about it.

The Coronavirus is a pretty serious thing and even more serious than the Flu.

The Flu can even kill people if they get it serious enough.

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