What is the most dangerous way to travel?

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What is the most dangerous way to travel?

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The most dangerous way to travel is on a motorcycle.

With a motorcycle you have no protection around you like a car so if you slide into another vehicle or another vehicle hits you on the motorcycle you're likely to get very severe internal injuries, or even die instantly.

If you're on a motorcycle and then a vehicle in front of you suddenly stops and you have no time to stop the motorcycle in time then the motorcycle and your body will fly into the other vehicle.

You can then suffer severe injuries or even die.

Cars and trains and airplanes are considered a less dangerous way to travel but all of those ways are dangerous.

With a car you have more protection around you in the event of a car crash.

An airplane you're up in the sky away from other traffic and you have a very experienced pilot and with a train all you have to worry about is a possible derailment or crashing into a car or vehicle on a track crossing.
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I think that it's travel by car. But anyways sometimes it's really dangerous to travel by plane. As for me, I am really scary to make long distance travel. My friends invited me at Grenada which is in Caribbean islands. We used to rent a yacht and traveld across the island https://12knots.com/en/yacht-charter/destinations/caribbean/grenada/ provided a good service for our company.

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I confess to you honestly - I have never flown on an airplane, so I'm afraid that's all. Even my parents are trying to prove to me that trains, for example, get into accidents more often. But what stops me is the fact that in a plane crash, people are less likely to survive. Let's not talk about the bad - most likely, I'm just a coward. But for now, I am choosing for myself other available types of travel - by bus, train or water transport. I already managed to see England and Ireland in such ways - beautiful landscapes, delicious tea and whiskey have sunk into my soul. I recently returned from an excursion to Chernobyl in Ukraine https://chernobyl-visit.com/ - this is a special trip that made me think about the life of the whole planet.

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And what do you say about
a round the world trip on a yacht What do you think of such a journey ? Would you risk it?

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