Is it OK for baby to sleep on incline?

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Is it OK for baby to sleep on incline?

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No it's not considered safe for a baby to sleep on an incline especially if the baby is under 1 year old.

It's okay for babies to nap while in an incline position such as in a stroller, rocker, etc.

But if the baby is going to sleep for the night or going to sleep when they will be left unattended then the baby needs to be laid on their back in a flat position in a crib or bassinet to keep the baby safe.

Make sure the baby is sleeping on a firm surface such as the baby bed or crib mattress that you buy for the baby crib.

Never use any pillows or other soft objects or blankets in the babies crib or bassinet until the baby is at least 1 year old to prevent SIDS.

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