How can anyone love cold and winter weather?

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How can anyone love cold and winter weather?

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Some people enjoy cold weather because it's refreshing to them and there are no bugs etc.

But me personally I hate cold weather and would rather it be warm year round.

In the mornings It's hard for me to get out of bed because my room has drafty windows which makes for the room to be colder than it should be.

The temperature in the room reads 70 F but the cold drafts make it feel colder to me.

I have to force myself to get out of bed and I always dread it.

Then I have to turn the heat up even more after I get out of bed so that I can take a shower without freezing.

I can stand some cold weather but when it gets below 40 F or the wind starts blowing that's when I really hate the cold weather.

I also like that the cold weather has no mosquitoes or other annoying bugs flying around but I really hate being cold.

I also hate that sometimes my water pipes freeze up and I can be without running water for a few weeks or even a month sometimes until the water pipes thaw out.

Then the potential of frozen burst pipes makes winter even worse.

I wish I could move to a warmer state and hope too when I retire.

Or at least have a second home in a warmer state where I go there in winter and return to my current house in the warm weather.

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