Can leaking intake gasket cause white smoke?

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Can leaking intake gasket cause white smoke?

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Some intake manifold gaskets can cause white smoke when the intake gasket is leaking coolant into the cylinders.

The leaking intake manifold gasket would also likely allow coolant to get into your oil so make sure to check your oil to make sure it doesn't have coolant in it.

If the oil has coolant in it it will look brown and like a milkshake.

Some intake gaskets and intakes have coolant flowing through them while others do not.

If your intake manifold has no coolant flowing through it and it's a dry intake manifold then the intake gasket leak wouldn't cause white smoke.

But if the intake manifold has coolant flowing through it and the intake gasket leaks it can cause white smoke out the exhaust.

A leaking intake manifold gasket can also cause poor engine performance, loss of engine power, engine stalling, hard starting etc.

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