Does hair removal cream work on pubic hair?

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asked Jan 13 in Body/Skin by catranise (300 points)
Does hair removal cream work on pubic hair?

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answered Jan 16 by Gracy (71,090 points)
Yes hair removal cream does work on pubic hair but some people are more sensitive in the pubic or private parts area and may experience rashes or irritation from the use of hair removal cream when used on their pubic hair.

I've used hair removal cream such as Nair hair removal cream on my Vagina area to remove Vagina hair and it worked okay.

Just avoid getting any of the Nair or other hair removal cream inside your Vagina.

If you're a male then you won't have to worry about that and just apply a small amount of the hair removal cream to your pubic hair to see if it irritates the area at first or not.

If it does irritate your pubic area then you want to avoid using the hair removal cream on your pubic area but if not then you can apply some more and remove the hair on your pubic area.

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