Should you shave a Labradoodle?

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Should you shave a Labradoodle?

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Labradoodles can be shaved if need be and it's up to you whether or not you should shave the Labradoodle.

Some people shave the Labradoodles to keep them from shedding too much and especially if the person is allergic to the dogs hair they will shave the Labradoodle to keep down on the hair and allergic reactions.

Shaving the Labradoodle can help the Labradoodles hair grow back healthy as well.

Labradoodles can also be protective when they need to be.

Some Labradoodles will sometimes be shy around strangers and may stay away from them though so it depends on the Labradoodle.

But most Labradoodles I've known where very protective when they came up against strangers and they can detect when someone is bad as well.

While Labradoodles can be very protective at times they are also very gentle dogs and smart and are also fun loving, affectionate, athletic, graceful water lovers, and good watchdogs.

They will usually alert you to someone coming up to your house as well and if needed they will bark and growl to get rid of the threat.

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