Are cold sores contagious when scabbed?

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Are cold sores contagious when scabbed?

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Yes cold sores are still contagious when scabbed over so still be careful to avoid spreading the cold sores to other people.

Avoid kissing your partner, boyfriend, girlfriend etc while you have the cold sore until the cold sore is completely gone.

Colds sores remain contagious until the cold sore has completely healed up and gone.

A cold sore that is scabbing over is a good thing and means the cold sore is about to be gone soon but the cold sore is still contagious until it's completely gone.

You can help get rid of the cold sore by applying some apple cider vinegar a few times per day using a cotton ball or cotton swab.

The apple cider vinegar is antibacterial so it will help kill the bacteria that makes the cold sore contagious and the apple cider vinegar helps the cold sore to go away as well.

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